Contract intelligence

Seamlessly extract, analyze, search and manage contracts by transforming legal documents into actionable insights.

Navigating the complex world of business contracts with efficiency

In today's dynamic business landscape, managing contract portfolios has become a paramount challenge for enterprises worldwide. Whether you're dealing with service agreements, investment management contracts, distribution agreements, or any other industry-specific documents, the sheer volume and complexity can overwhelm even the most organized teams.

With Cogniquest's Contract Intelligence Solution, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, you can seamlessly extract, analyze, search, and manage your contracts like never before.
Unlock the hidden value of your contracts

Our AI-led capture of contract metadata, obligations, terms, interest rates, and other critical datasets liberates valuable insights trapped within your documents. Whether you're dealing with simple agreements or complex financial instruments, our solution empowers you to transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

Seamless contract management

The AI-powered solution puts you in control of your contract ecosystem. With automated extraction of key information and clauses, including metadata, terms and conditions, commercial terms, and key dates, you can effortlessly manage your contracts from start to finish.

Features that empower your team

Centralized document repository

Keep all your contracts in one secure location for easy access.

Quick and easy navigation

Find specific folders or individual documents in seconds.

Intelligent search

Locate crucial information with precision and efficiency.

Collaboration tools

Streamline communication and decision-making with built-in messaging and collaboration features.

Role-based access control

Ensure data security and compliance with customizable access permissions.

Extensible contracts data model

Adapt to evolving business needs with a flexible data framework.

Topic-based data extraction

Extract relevant information based on predefined topics for faster analysis.

Document navigation

Navigate through key terms and clauses with ease.

Keyword search

Find what you need quickly with powerful search capabilities.

Bookmarking and commenting

Highlight important sections and add comments for easy reference.

Document sharing

Share documents or specific pages securely with colleagues and stakeholders.