Invoice processing & reconciliation

Automate the capture of data from invoices, receipts and purchase orders to streamline back-office operations.

Automate invoice data capture with Cognitive AI

The invoice automation solution reduces the time it takes to process invoices by as much as50 percent, allowing your team to focus on higher value activities and increasing your bottom line.

The cognitive data capture capability powered by the native-AI platform handles even the most difficult invoice documents to process the data with accuracy. It extracts all necessary data from invoices, automates the reconciliation with purchase orders and goods received notes before ingesting the validated data into AP systems for faster approvals and payments.

The automated invoice processing solution handles invoice management end-to-end, removes inefficiencies and time-consuming manual processes. Save time and effort compared to manually comparing the documents, particularly with high volume of invoices.

Key features of Cogniquest invoice automation solution

Three-way reconciliation

Match data from invoices, POs and receipts or good received notes (GRNs) to check for discrepancies.

Template-free processing

Unlike RPA or rule-based systems, Cogniquest invoice software is not template-specific, and it can handle document variations.

Multi-channel acquisition

Acquires data from any source – email, hot folders, databases, file upload – of your choice.

Diverse document formats

The input documents to the Cogniquest can be in PDF, Word or scanned documents with handwritten text.

Pre-built AI model

The solution comes with a pre-built AI model. It means, you can start processing your invoices from day one.

Customizable data model

The invoice solution can be trained with custom data fields and output requirements, in addition to the existing model.

Continuous learning

Changing data requirements is not a challenge with Cogniquest. You can easily retrain your models with very few new document samples.

Streamline workflows

The software solution can be customized to accommodate your workflow for smarter and faster approval processes.

Easy integrations

Cogniquest software solution easily integrates with ERPs or databases so that you don’t face any implementation challenges.

No need for developers

Cogniquest is a no-code software solution which can be implemented easily without the need for in-house technical expertise.

Automation benefits

  • Achieve accurate data extraction & eliminate manual errors.
  • Drastically reduce invoice processing time from hours to minutes.
  • Eliminate manual data entry & redeploy people for higher value tasks.
  • Build a scalable process to handle huge volumes of documents.