Mortgage agreements processing

Ability to process unstructured mortgage documents to create structured and fully validated actionable data.

Next-generation mortgage agreements processing automation

Cogniquest offers end-to-end automation of document reading and data extraction, revolutionizing the way mortgage agreements are analyzed and processed.

End-to-end automation

Our solution automates the entire process of document reading and data extraction from start to finish, eliminating the need for manual intervention and significantly reducing processing time.

Automated data validation

With built-in validation algorithms, our solution ensures data accuracy and integrity, minimizing errors and mitigating risks associated with manual validation processes.

Versatile layout handling

Powered by human-like intelligence, our solution can handle documents in various layouts with ease, adapting to diverse formats and structures effortlessly.


Streamlines efficiency

Our solution eliminates the need for time-consuming manual processing, allowing for faster turnaround times and boosting operational efficiency.

Enhances employee well-being

By automating repetitive tasks, our solution reduces attrition rates and minimizes health issues among associates, fostering a happier and healthier workforce.

Simplifies onboarding

Simplifies training processes and accelerates onboarding with our intuitive solution, empowering new associates to quickly adapt and contribute to your team's success.

Saves costs and optimizes performance

Our efficient automation solution delivers cost savings and enhances performance, enabling businesses to optimize resources and drive growth without performance bottlenecks.

Scales and adapts

Our solution effortlessly scales to handle increasing document volumes and diverse county variations, ensuring consistent performance and adaptability to evolving industry demands.